HSIF EMR Project

What is EMR?

An Electronic Medical Record system is a digital collection of patient’s health related information. The health
records are created and managed by trained and licensed staff from a single organization.

These records could then be accessed and updated through other compatible EMR systems. Using an EMR will
reduce the use of keeping patient health records on paper, and allow health organizations to access accurate
patient information conveniently through computers and other electronic devices.

A video below demonstrates how EMR and similar technologies are used.

Benefit To Island Lake

Health Centers in the Island Lake area excel at shaping of appropriate and effective services for their members.
They also work to overcome a number of unique challenges stemming from a variety of factors including isolation,
funding limitations, infrastructure and capacity challenges, and jurisdictional barriers.

EMR will contribute to solving many of the challenges faced by health staff and help improve the overall health, and
health services in Island Lake. An EMR will benefit both patient and health professional by offering a quicker and
efficient system to access reliable updated patient information.

This means no more duplicate records, or duplicate tests done on patients because of miscommunication. Health
professionals around the province could access updated patient information from different doctors. Staff will
spend less time combing through and updating paper records, freeing up time for more important tasks such as
working with patients.

Implementing an EMR will help overcome many barriers face by Island Lake, and will improve the health services
offered to its communities.