Jan 18 2016

IFS Gala Dinner

Four Arrows RHA_Gala Poster-599x895

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Jan 12 2016

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Summit 2016

For Information, Registration, Vendor/Trade tables volunteering  Please visit:



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Nov 08 2015

Survey for Community Workers and FARHA Staff

Four Arrows Regional Health Authority is conducting surveys to evaluate the health services offered in Island Lake. The survey results will help determine how FARHA can better meet the Health Care needs of the Island Lake Communities.

We would like all Four Arrows RHA Staff, and all Island Lake Workers to take the survey. This includes:

  • Health Employees
  • Child and Family Service Employees
  • Justice/Probation Service Employees
  • First Nation Employee
  • First Nation Administration
  • Health Directors
  • Chief and Council
  • Four Arrows Board Members
  • Four Arrows Employees

Four Arrows Employees please take both of the surveys.

There are two links below. One is for the FARHA staff survey, and the other for Community Workers in Island Lake.

We have also added a prize draw for  the Community Workers Survey to encourage participation.  There will be two cash prizes of $100. Click on the link for more details.

Four Arrows Regional Health Authority Staff Survey

Island Lake Community Workers Survey


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Aug 14 2013

Regional Youth Gathering

Regional Youth Gathering



Regional Youth Gathering Registration and Information package

Four Arrows Regional Health Authority 

National Aboriginal Youth Suicide 

Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS)

Four Arrows and the National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS) are hosting a Regional Youth Gathering.

When? August 27, 28, 29 2013

Where? Wasagamack First Nation

Who should attend? 

Island Lake youth between the ages of 15-30 who want to learn and participate in activities that promote personal health and wellness. The gathering will include workshops, sessions, and activities that promote healthy lifestyles. There is no registration fee, but YOU MUST COMPLETE A REGISTRATION FORM, no exceptions.

We have limited space available for the following communities; twenty (20) youth from St. Theresa Point, twenty (20) youth from Wasagamack, twenty (20) youth from Garden Hill, four (4) youth from Red Sucker Lake.

In total we are expecting 64 youth to attend and participate in the gathering. Participants will be decided through their registrations submission on selection criteria. If there are a lot of submissions, a waiting list will be created and applications will be placed on the list as they are received.

Getting to the Gathering:

Transportation will be available to all participants, you will be contacted with your departure time. Transportation will begin on Monday August 26st at (noon) 12:00 pm sharp. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MEET YOUR BOAT TAXI ON TIME.

Participant will be transported to the camp site once they arrive in Garden Hill.

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Jun 13 2013

Job Posting Regional NAYSPS Coordinator

Job Posting Regional NAYSPS Coordinator


Position: Regional NAYSPS Coordinator

Employer: Four Arrows Regional Health Authority

Objective: The Community Coordinator will work to improve community strengths and individual capacity in preventing suicide by developing a detailed community action plan.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Engage individuals and organizations to participate in developing and implementing sustainable community action plans for addressing youth suicide.
Develop and maintain a good working and cooperative partnerships within the community to collaborate in creating community based initiatives.
Work in consultation and collaboration with community Wellness teams such as the Mental Health Therapist and Nurse, BF/BHC Wellness Program, Elders, Youth and FARHA Regional Wellness Advisor.
Assist in the coordination of a community based crisis response team.
Provide direct service as required or directed by supervisor.
Participate in capacity building, workshops are directed.
Develop a library of resource material that can be distributed and available to community members and organizations.
Prepare annual workplans and submit to supervisor.
Attend staff meetings, team meetings, and other meetings as required.
Maintain a sensitivity and awareness of cultural diversity.

The Community Coordinator is a developmental position which requires personal attributes and soft skills that will enhance an individual’s interactions and job performance. We are seeking a highly motivated individual seeking opportunity for growth in the field of health, youth, and community development. The applicant should demonstrate the following skills or the desire to acquire these skills:

Minimum education grade 12, post-secondary desired.
Knowledge of community resources.
Understanding of determinants of health and well-being.
Knowledge of evidenced based mental health promotion and suicide prevention approaches.
Understanding and experience of community development approaches.
High level communication and organizational skills.
Experience of working on own initiative and as part of team in project delivery.
An ability to communicate effectively to meet the needs of the post including the ability to produce and facilitate workshops, information sessions and gatherings.
An ability to prioritise plans and organize and manage own workload.
Participate in any necessary activities outside normal office hours as required etc.
An understanding of crisis management and the ability to deal with suicide prevention
Understand the influences of substance abuse, family dynamics, and mental health issues.
Understanding of individual and group crisis counselling methods.
Understanding of the culture and traditions of First Nations people.
Demonstrate the ability of effective and efficient program management, delivery and evaluation.
Demonstrate good decision making and problem solving skills.
Effective verbal and written communication skills.
Computer proficiency in Word, Power Point, Excel programs.
Time management skills.
**Deadline is June 18, 2013**
Please submit cover letter and resume to:
Laurie Wood-Ducharme
Director of Operations
Four Arrows Regional Health Authority
200-338 Broadway Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0T2
Phone: (204) 947-2397
Fax: (204) 982-3359

We thank all applicants, only those qualifying for an interview will be contacted. Preference will be given to Island Lake First Nation members.


Regional NAYSPS Job Description.pdf



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Apr 29 2013

Social Event Fundraiser

Social Event Fundraiser


Suds, Spud and Steak

Suds, Spud and Steak,


May 23, 2013 is our Suds, Spud and Steak, with silent auction, 50/50 draw, hourly door prizes at the Palomino Club 1133 Portage Avenue

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Apr 29 2013

Stew and Bannock Lunch

Stew and Bannock Lunch

May 9, 2013 is our Stew and Bannock lunch.


Please contact Vivian for more information.

Vivian Omarr, RN, BN

Public Health Nurse

Four Arrows Regional Health Authority Inc.

200-338 Broadway

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3C 0T2

Phone: (204) 947-2397 extension 25

Fax: (204) 982-3359

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Apr 17 2013

Chili and Buns Day at FARHA

Chili and Buns Day at FARHA

Chili and Buns Day
Chili & Buns Day! 🙂 We thank you all for the support and contributions. We would like to thank personally to the people that donated through our Donation Board.
Alan Bouchard $5
Laurie Wood Ducharme $20
Bob Kimball $10
Patrick McMahon $2
Amanda Simard $5
Debbie Grimes $20
Neil Greenslade $10
Holly Monias $4
Lawrence Mason $5
Melissa Fiddler $2
ILTC Staff $40

Next Stew & Bannock May 6, 2013. We hope to see you there!

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Jun 03 2011

Public Health Improvement Project

by peever in FARHA Blog

Public Health Improvement Project

Improving Public Health in the Four Arrows Regional Health Authority/Island Lake Area.

In 2007 the (MFNPHIPP) was being undertaken by the Four Arrows Regional Health Authority to serve the communities of Garden Hill, Red Sucker Lake, St. Theresa Point, and Wasagamack. The overall goal is using a broad definition of public health as the prevention of disease and the promotion of health, to strive for the most positive outcomes of health status in individuals, families, and communities, with emphasis on:

Raising immunization levels above the national standards;
Developing the systems necessary so that infectious diseases are controlled promptly and effectively;
Minimizing environmental risks; and,
Preventing chronic diseases, and reducing their effects when they occur.

It is recognized that accomplishing these goals requires a stronger public health system, with improved and clarified relationships with the provincial public health system, clarity of the responsibilities of all jurisdictions involved in public health in First Nations communities, and increased capacity to carry out public health work in the communities (both with increased knowledge of current public health and other health staff and with increased number of public health staff).

The partners involved in the MFNPHIPP include:
The Island Lake communities of Garden Hill, Red Sucker Lake, St. Theresa Point, and Wasagamack were involved from the beginning but now has been reduced to Garden Hill and Wasagamack.
Four Arrows Regional Health Authority (FARHA)
Manitoba Health
Northern Medical Unit, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba
First Nations and Inuit Health (Manitoba Region and National)
Assembly of First Nations

As of April 1, 2011, the final and implementation year will be underway with the cooperation of communities involved.

The Public Health Pilot Project is a national project under AFN and the other two projects that are involved are Kenora Chiefs Advisory Council and File Hills Fort Qu’Appelle Tribal Council.

Download the full report

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Apr 29 2011

Oji-Cree Traditional Elders and Youth “Gathering”

by peever in FARHA Blog

Oji-Cree Traditional Elders and Youth “Gathering”

Took place December 7, 8, 2010.


The youth and elders all indicated that this was a first time that this kind of session has occurred. Their desire is to keep this momentum going and continue this process of passing on the knowledge. The elders expressed a concern that we are losing these teachings at a rapid rate and our own people will not even know what traditional knowledge is so the continuing of transfer of knowledge needs to be done. It is too important for our people, for our children and grandchildren and their children because once it is lost, it is gone, and while we have the chance to rebuild and grow, we should take that opportunity to use our elders and youth together.

One suggestion was that these gatherings be done in conjunction with the four seasons in the future. Each season has a different role in regards to traditional medicine/food/knowledge etc so to host forums/workshops during these specific seasons, the focus will more defined and this way the youth and communities will also learn about how the seasons work with the elders teachings and knowledge.

We would like lastly to thank the Kevin Beardy, Kathi Kinew Avery, Leanne Gillis, Byron Beardy and Andy Wood for all their assistance and to Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs for this wonderful opportunity. It was well received and as stated in the opening remarks, according to the participants this has never been done and would to continue so from Four Arrows RHA communities we thank you.

Download the full report

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