Home and Community Care

In Home Care

Nursing Services
Personal Care (washing, feeding, toileting, etc)
In-home Respite Care (to provide a rest for families)
Homemaker Services (to help with housework)
Home Support (to help carry water, etc)
Equipment and Supplies loans (wheelchairs, etc)

Community Care (second stage programs)

Adult Day Programs
Congregate Meal Programs
Meals on Wheels
Bathing programs

Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility is assessed by the Home Care staff.
Need is confirmed prior to service delivery.
Applicant is a resident of the First Nation.
Applicant is First Nation or married to/in common-law relationship with a member of the First Nation.
The home needs to be a safe environment.
Applicant has needs greater than family can provide.
The program must have the competencies and resources to meet the client needs.

Key Issues

Single point access: Every applicant goes through the assessment process.
Administratively a day-time program: Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We ask that community members respect the hours as there is not funding for administrative staff to work after hours.
Services are limited as funding is not open-ended.
Case Plans are developed with each client. The care plan will have goals that encourage self-care and, when possible, mobilize the client toward independence of service.
Services are voluntary. Clients must give consent.
Services are absolutely confidential.

What The Program Is Not…

It is not an emergency service.
It does not provide evening or weekend administrative services or nursing assessments.
It is not a mandated program. Clients must be voluntary, willing participants.

Client Bill Of Rights

Clients have a right to…

Be treated with dignity and respect
High quality services
Be full participants in service plans
Absolute confidentiality
Provide feedback and offer suggestions
Express concerns and complaints
Appeal service decisions
Safe, high quality services
Be free from abuse and/or exploitation
Free choice and self-determination

How To Apply For Service

Call the Home and Community Care Program in your home community between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and an appointment will be made for an assessment.

A Reminder

the Home and Community Care Program is not an Emergency Service!

Phone Numbers

Garden Hill: 204-456-2926
Red Sucker Lake: 204-469-5652
St. Theresa Point: 204-462-2279
Wasagamack: 204-457-2810