Our Program

Food Security
HSIF EMR Project

Our Food Security

Food Goals for our Communities

  • Have access to healthy food
  • Have foods that are culturally appropriate
  • Grow, gather, hunt, and fish in ways that are sustainable over the long-term
  • Distribute foods in ways so people get what they need to stay healthy
  • Adequately compensate the people who provide the food
  • Utilize our treaty rights that ensure continued access to traditional foods

Our Food Security Program

Our Goal

The goals of the First Nations Food Security Program is to increase food security for
our First Nation communities.

Our Objectives:

  • Promote and increase awareness about food security through a variety of media.
  • Empower our people and communities to produce food locally.
  • Promote the development, sharing, and distribution of learning resources.
  • Promote the continuation of traditional food sharing networks.
  • Encourage eating of traditional foods.
  • Advocate for changes in existing programs and policies to improve food security.
  • Support promotion of healthy eating.
  • Explore measures to increase healthy food options and choices in stores.
  • Develop a First Nations Food Security Strategy for Manitoba.